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John “Gevo” Giovannini

Gevo's Rears & Gears
“When I first heard about the Diff Wizard I was intrigued. I own a small but fairly well known rear-end service shop in up-state New York and I was looking for ways to increase my parts business. I had a chance to review the diff wizard and was pretty excited to give it a try. In my case, we created a total new site. I didn’t have e-commerce on my original site and needed it anyways. Since Diff Wizard was free to add on and simple to host, I was sold. My current customers are using it to confirm their parts and by having my site at, I’m getting new businesses from way outside my area. No-one in the industry has anything like it and the fact that anyone can have it is pretty cool.”

Bill's Auto
“What a great program for helping our customers determine the right parts. Once we got the Diff Wizard added to our site, we immediately noticed shorter call times due to the fact that the customer had reviewed their application. We use it here at Bill’s Auto as well. It’s a great tool. ”
James P.

“I work on cars all the time and finding the right differential product is tough. With the Diff Wizard I can find the right locker, axle, gear or anything else I need as well as the small parts to go along with it. If I have questions there are several shops listed to call and confirm my parts. This is a big time saver!”