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Tire Height
Tire Height
Gear Ratio
Gear Ratio
Engine Displacement
Engine Displacement
Cubic Inches & Liters
Cubic Inches & Liters
Rod Ratio
Rod Ratio
Transmission Ratio RPM
Transmission Ratio RPM

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Ratio Tire Height Speed  
Auto* AOD* Manual* 5 Speed*
* Auto = D in an AOD
* AOD is calculated at .70 transmission ratio
* manual = 4th in a 5 speed
* 5 speed is calculated at .80 transmission ratio

Recommended Towing RPM
4 cl 2200-3200
6 cl 2000-3000
Big Block 1600-2600
Small Block 1800-2800
Ford 6.0L 1900-2400
Ford Diesel (Non-Turbo) 1600-2500
Ford Diesel (Turbo) 1400-2200
Dodge Diesel 1400-2200
GM Diesel 6.2L 1800-2800
GM Duramax Diesel 1800-2400

Transmission Ratio RPM
R&P Ratio Tire Height Speed Trans Ratio
GM TH200-4R2.741.571.000.67  
GM TH3502.521.521.00   
GM TH4002.481.481.00   
GM TH700R43.061.631.000.70  
GM 4L60/4L60E3.061.631.000.70  
GM 4L80/4L80E2.481.481.000.75  
GM 5L403.462.211.591.000.76 
GM 5L503.452.211.591.000.76 
GM 6L804.032.361.531.150.850.67
GM ALLISON 1000 (5 SPEED)3.101.811.411.000.71 
GM ALLISON 1000 (6 SPEED)3.101.811.411.000.710.62
DODGE TF7272.451.451.00   
DODGE TF9042.741.541.00   
DODGE TF 9092.741.541.00   
DODGE TF 9992.741.541.00   
DODGE 30RH2.741.541.00   
DODGE 32RE2.741.541.00   
DODGE 32RH2.741.541.00   
DDOGE 42RE2.741.541.000.69  
DODGE 42RLE2.841.571.000.69  
DODGE 44RE2.741.541.000.69  
DODGE 45RFE3.001.671.000.75  
DODGE 46RE2.451.451.000.69  
DODGE 47RE2.451.451.000.69  
DODGE 48RE2.451.451.000.69  
DODGE 545RFE ('03-'05)3.001.671.000.750.67 
DODGE 545RFE ('06 & UP)3.001.671.000.750.67 
DODGE 68RFE3.231.831.411.000.810.62
DODGE G56 ('05-'07)6.293.482.101.381.000.79
DODGE G56 ('08 & UP)5.943.281.981.311.000.74
DODGE NAG13.592.191.411.000.83 
FORD C42.461.461.00   
FORD C52.461.461.00   
FORD C62.461.461.00   
FORD 4R44E2.471.471.000.75  
FORD 4R55E2.471.471.000.75  
FORD 4R70E2.841.551.000.70  
FORD 4R70W2.841.551.000.70  
FORD 4R75E2.841.551.000.70  
FORD 4R75W2.841.551.000.70  
FORD 4R1002.711.541.000.71  
FORD 5R55E2.471.871.471.000.75 
FORD 5R55N3.252.441.551.000.75 
FORD 5R55S3.222.291.551.000.71 
FORD 5R55W3.222.411.551.000.75 
FORD 5R1103.092.201.541.000.71 
FORD 5R110W3.092.201.541.000.71 
FORD 6HP264.172.341.521.140.870.69
FORD 6R604.172.341.521.140.870.69
FORD A4LD2.471.471.000.75  
FORD A4LDE2.471.471.000.75  
FORD A5LDE2.471.871.471.000.75 
FORD AOD2.401.471.000.67  
FORD AOD-E2.401.471.000.67  
FORD AODE2.841.551.000.70  
FORD AODEW2.841.551.000.70  
FORD AXOD-E2.771.541.000.69  
FORD E4OD2.711.541.000.71  
FORD TORQSHIFT3.112.221.551.101.000.71
FORD M1HD3.382.061.301.000.79 
FORD M5HD4.112.371.421.000.77 
FORD M5HD-W5.722.941.611.000.76 
FORD M5R23.752.321.431.000.75 
FORD M5R2-C3.422.161.341.000.75 
FORD M6HD-65.793.312.101.311.000.72
FORD M50D (2.3)3.972.341.461.000.79 
FORD M50D (5.0)3.351.931.291.000.79 
FORD M50D-R1 (2.3/3.0)3.722.201.501.000.79 
FORD M50D-R1 (4.0)3.402.051.311.000.79 
FORD M50D-R23.912.241.491.000.80 
FORD M50D-R43.382.061.301.000.79 
FORD RICARDO 62.611.711.230.940.770.63
FORD T453.371.991.331.000.67 
FORD T5OD ('92-'98)3.351.931.291.000.78 
FORD T5OD ('99-'05)3.351.991.331.000.68 
GEO TRACKER3.651.951.371.000.86 
LAND ROVER R3803.692.131.401.000.77 
LAND ROVER R380 ('94-'97 DISCO, '94-'95 D90)3.322.131.391.000.73 
NISSAN PATROL (5SP MANUAL)4.562.631.521.000.84 
NISSAN PATROL (4SP AUTO)2.781.541.421.00  
SUZUKI SAMURAI ('89 & DOWN)3.651.951.421.000.80 
SUZUKI SAMURAI ('90 & UP)3.651.951.421.000.87 
SUZUKI SIDEKICK (3SP AUTO)2.401.471.00   
SUZUKI SIDEKICK (4SP AUTO)2.831.491.000.73  
SUZUKI SIDEKICK (5SP MANUAL)3.651.951.381.000.86 
TOYOTA A43D2.451.451.000.69  
TOYOTA A44D2.831.491.000.69  
TOYOTA A340E2.801.531.000.71  
TOYOTA A340F2.801.531.000.71  
TOYOTA A340H2.801.531.000.71  
TOYOTA A343F2.801.531.000.75  
TOYOTA A440F2.951.531.000.72  
TOYOTA A750E3.522.041.401.000.72 
TOYOTA A750F3.522.041.401.000.72 
TOYOTA U140E3.942.191.411.02  
TOYOTA U140F3.942.191.411.02  
TOYOTA C503.551.901.310.970.82 
TOYOTA C523.171.901.310.970.82 
TOYOTA C563.171.901.391.030.82 
TOYOTA C593.171.901.310.970.82 
TOYOTA C603.172.051.481.170.920.73
TOYOTA C65M3.171.901.391.030.820.73
TOYOTA C1503.551.901.310.970.82 
TOYOTA C1513.551.901.230.890.73 
TOYOTA E1533.231.911.260.920.73 
TOYOTA E3503.542.051.330.970.73 
TOYOTA E3513.542.051.330.970.73 
TOYOTA G403.932.331.911.00  
TOYOTA G523.932.331.451.000.85 
TOYOTA G544.452.401.411.000.80 
TOYOTA G573.702.021.371.000.85 
TOYOTA G583.932.141.401.000.85 
TOYOTA H415.302.841.631.00  
TOYOTA H423.562.291.411.00  
TOYOTA H55F4.842.621.521.000.85 
TOYOTA J302.761.691.00   
TOYOTA R1503.832.061.441.000.84 
TOYOTA R150F3.832.061.441.000.84 
TOYOTA R151F4.312.741.931.000.83 
TOYOTA RA604.172.191.491.191.000.85
TOYOTA RA60F4.172.191.491.191.000.85
TOYOTA RA61F4.172.191.491.191.000.85
TOYOTA S513.541.961.250.950.73 
TOYOTA S543.291.961.321.030.82 
TOYOTA V1603.832.361.691.311.000.79
TOYOTA W463.952.141.381.00  
TOYOTA W553.572.061.381.000.85 
TOYOTA W563.952.141.381.000.85 
TOYOTA W583.291.891.281.000.78 
TOYOTA W593.952.141.381.000.85 
AISIN AR53.752.261.371.000.73 
AISIN WARNER AW30-402.801.551.000.75  
AISIN WARNER AW42.801.531.000.75  
AISIN WARNER AX-43.932.331.451.00  
AISIN WARNER AX-53.932.331.451.000.85 
AISIN WARNER AX-153.832.331.441.000.79 
ALLISON 5453.452.251.411.00  
ALLISON 1000 (5 SPEED)3.101.811.411.000.71 
ALLISON 1000 (6 SPEED)3.101.811.411.000.710.62
BORG WARNER AS-82.401.461.00   
BORG WARNER SR44.072.391.491.00  
BORG WRNER T44.032.371.501.00  
BORG WARNER T54.032.371.501.000.86 
EATON-FULLER FS-4205A8.054.352.451.481.00 
EATON-FULLER FS-4205B6.993.782.131.281.00 
EATON-FULLER FS-6305A7.223.892.221.391.00 
EATON-FULLER FS-6305B7.223.892.221.271.00 
EATON-FULLER FSO-6406A7.054.132.521.591.000.78
EATON-FULLER FSO-8406A7.054.132.521.591.000.78
GETRAG 2384.232.531.671.231.000.79
GETRAG 2603.832.191.401.000.81 
GETRAG 260 ('03-'04 CTS ONLY)3.572.041.341.000.82 
GETRAG 3605.533.021.601.000.77 
GETRAG F2343.582.021.350.980.69 
MUNCIE SN4207.053.581.701.00  
MUNCIE SM4656.563.581.701.00  
MITSUBISHI FM1563.722.201.501.000.79 
NP435 CLOSE RATIO4.782.391.371.00  
NP435 WIDE RATIO6.693.341.791.00  
NSG370 CLOSE RATIO4.462.611.721.251.000.84
NSG370 WIDE RATIO5.012.831.791.261.000.83
NV3500 CLOSE RATIO3.502.141.391.000.73 
NV3500 WIDE RATIO4.012.331.391.000.73 
NV3550 CLOSE RATIO3.502.141.391.000.73 
NV3550 WIDE RATIO4.012.331.391.000.73 
NV4500 ('93-'94 GM)6.343.341.711.000.73 
NV4500 5.613.041.671.000.75 
PEUGEOT BA-103.392.331.441.000.79 
SPICER 3053/3053A5.022.781.621.000.79 
TREMEC 109MM5.812.941.611.000.77 
TREMEC T-5 CLOSE RATIO3.502.141.391.000.73 
TREMEC T-5 MEDIUM RATIO3.762.181.421.000.72 
TREMEC T-5 WIDE RATIO4.032.731.491.000.72 
TREMEC T56 CLOSE RATIO2.661.781.300.740.50 
TREMEC T56 WIDE RATIO2.902.071.431.000.840.57
TREMEC T1502.991.751.00   
TREMEC T1763.522.271.461.00  
TREMEC T1773.822.291.461.00  
TREMEC T1783.002.081.471.00  
TR -34503.822.311.421.000.83 
TR-3650 CLOSE RATIO3.382.001.311.000.67 
TR-3650 WIDE RATIO3.772.001.311.000.67 
TR-4050 CLOSE RATIO5.812.941.611.000.77 
TR-4050 WIDE RATIO6.163.111.711.000.76 
WARNER T143.102.601.00   
WARNER T153.001.831.00   
WARNER T184.023.091.691.00  
WARNER T18A6.323.091.691.00  
WARNER T19 CLOSE RATIO4.002.401.401.00  
WARNER T19 MEDIUM RATIO5.113.031.791.00  
WARNER T19 WIDE RATIO6.323.091.691.00  
WARNER T842.941.941.00   
WARNER T853.171.921.00   
WARNER T862.801.691.00   
WARNER T90 (JEEP CJ)2.981.661.00   
WARNER T90 (PICKUP)3.441.851.00   
WARNER T986.403.091.691.00  
ZF S5-42 CLOSE RATIO4.652.601.531.000.77 
ZF S5-42 WIDE RATIO5.722.941.611.000.76 
ZF S5-47 CLOSE RATIO4.142.371.421.000.77 
ZF S5-47 MEDIUM RATIO5.082.611.531.000.77 
ZF S5-47 WIDE RATIO5.722.941.611.000.76 
ZF S6-402.641.801.291.000.750.49
ZF S6-6505.793.302.101.311.000.72

Tire Height
Width Aspect Wheel  
Tire Height:
Street tires are rated using three numbers for example 225/70R15 or 255/70/15. In our example 225 is the Width in mm if the tire was measured from the bottom of bead to bottom of bead. In our example 70 is the Aspect, which means that the sidewall is 70% as tall as the tread is wide. In our example 15 is the the Wheel, the size of the wheel in inches, also called rim size. Placing the example numbers in the corresponding fields you will get a Tire Height of 27.4. Place your corresponding numbers into the fields below to calculate your tire height.